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Paprika Action
Action art of Paprika
The High Plain’s champion
Species: Alpaca
Gender: Female
Residence: Huacaya Moutains, The High Plains
Relationships: Adobo (Ancestor)
Sprite: Paprika sprite
Voice Actor: Marieve Herington

Paprika is a highly affectionate alpaca, chosen as The High Plains' Key Keepers.



For decades it was believed that the reclusive Alpake Clan of The High Plains knew nothing about the world beyond the remote Huacaya Mountains. That is until they learned the Alpake had received news of the situation. Suddenly the whole lot of them just showed up in the capitol of High Plains, pushing —no, SHOVING— their champion forward with uncharacteristic fervor and enthusiasm before running away, singing with glee.


Her name is Paprika and she has a lot of love to give. A LOT. If only she could find somebody to give it to. Somebody. Anybody. She’s not picky. All you need to do is have a heartbeat and she will devote her heart, her life, her very SOUL to your mere existence. And should she have her heart set on you, whatever you do, don’t run. It seems that her neediness and desperation infuses her with some kind of super strength that makes her extremely dangerous!  Her hugs are crushing, her declarations of adoration will burst your eardrums. She will leap passionately into your arms – and knock you through a brick wall. Once she decides you are the love of her life, there is no escape. You are invaded. Whenever Paprika the Alpaca is in the action, love can HURT.

Color Palettes

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NPC Names

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Abilities and Fighting Style

Paprika is quick on her feet and confusing in her approach. Her attacks are bewildering and full of fluff. Don't breathe that! This playful alpaca has tricky movement and specials to confuse opponents. Add even more variables to the fight with her randomized magic attack.

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Playing as Paprika


Playing Against Paprika







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  • Paprika is based off of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic's character, Pinkie Pie. In addition to having a similar personality, she has several of her Fighting is Magic special attacks such as the cartwheel, teleport, and randomized attack, and has a killer hug similar to Pinkie's level 3 super.
  • Paprika is currently the only character not to have proper speaking lines, rather she expresses herself with noises such as purring, laughing, giggling, and grunting.