Status: Head Bull
Species: Cattlekind
Gender: Male
Residence: The Prairie
Occupation: Head Bull
Relatives: Minnesota (Wife)
Arizona (Daughter)

Texas is an enormous bull; the leader of The Prairie's Cattlekind and the father of Arizona. He was the one who held the lottery to see which of the Cattlekind was worthy to become the Key Keeper. The winner ended up being his daughter, Arizona, much to his horror. Texas then expressed his disapproval in allowing Arizona to become Cattlekind's Key Keeper for her own safety, proclaiming that she is too young. He challenged her to a fight in an effort to take Arizona's place, but underestimated his daughter's strength and she won quickly. Accepting defeat, Texas announced that the "future belongs to the young", allowing Arizona to be Cattlekind's Key Keeper.