The Meadow is a small, city-state area where the Sheeple have taken permanent residence in.  Settlements include the world famous township of Baaah, the charming village of Baaah, and the historic capital of Baaah. The goverment of The Meadow is a direct democracy. It is a very pleasant place to live with sunny blue skies, billowy clouds, and plentiful green grass – so much that the Sheeple have not needed to migrate anywhere else for generations. The Meadow is also home to Pom.

When the Sheep dogs came along, it was declared a vote for each Sheep to have at least a specific set amount of dogs for protection, as the Sheeple themselves are weak, this is how Pom got her dogs, she was also given dogs for the reason of being sent out. If you want the full story, please read Chapter 5.

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