Them's Fighting' Herds, the fighting game which first began development back in 2011 as a fangame titled Fighting Is Magic, has finally had its public release today!

The original project first resurfaced as Them's Fightin' Herds through its successful Indiegogo campaign which originally ended on October 22, 2015. The game had since been in Closed Beta starting May 25, 2017, with access granted to only those who had backed the project during the Indiegogo campaign.

This version of the game can be purchased right now as an Early Access build [Version 0.95] from both Humble Bundle and Steam stores. The reason for an Early Access build over an Official game release was due to an unexpected change of plans from the development side of things, with key people in charge of the in-game Story Mode being unfortunately unavailable to finish the feature in time due to "rather heavy "Real Life" issues".

However, Mane 6 staff has assured us that, other than the in-game Story Mode and Achievements, "Every other feature we intended to come with [the] first public release is on track to release". Meaning those are the only two key features missing from this release over the eventual final build [Version 1.0]. Regarding when the Early Access period will end, Mane 6 have stated that they "estimate a couple of months will be sufficient to get the Game from its current state to [...] ready for a "full" release.”"

The game offers a total of 6 playable characters and a multitude of both singleplayer and multiplayer gameplay modes, with new characters and features being added in the future.

There is also a cross-promotional deal going on where owners of Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2, BlazBlue: Central Fiction and/or Skullgirls Second Encore (specifically, the Second Encore Upgrade DLC for the latter) will receive exclusive Accessories to customize their playable avatar in the Pixel Lobby.

The game costs $14.99 (£11.39) to purchase, with owners of Skullgirls being able to grab it at a 25% discount for the first two weeks. Unlike the exclusive Lobby accessories, only the base Skullgirls game needs to be owned for the discount to be active.

Link to Them's Fighting' Herds on the Humble Bundle Store
Link to Them's Fighting' Herds on Steam

Them's Fightin' Herds - Trailer 1

Them's Fightin' Herds - Trailer 1

Them's Fighting' Herds Release Trailer

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